Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo is located in Apple Valley and offers a wide range of animal exhibits, educational programs, and conservation initiatives.

  • Opening Date: May 22, 1978.
  • Unique Aspects: The Minnesota Zoo was revolutionary in its exhibit design at its opening. It was one of the first to organize animals by their living environment rather than species, and it’s a state-supported zoo, which is rare in the United States.
    • Exhibits:
    • Medtronic Minnesota Trail: Showcases animals native to Minnesota. It underwent a renovation in 2007, enhancing the “north woods” look and now includes raccoons, coyotes, gray wolves, beavers, otters, pumas, lynx, turtles, frogs, and salamanders.
    • Northern Trail: Features animals of the north.
    • Tropics Trail: An indoor trail with tropical animals.
    • Discovery Bay: Marine wildlife area.
    • Russia’s Grizzly Coast: Displays animals from Russia’s Far East and Kamchatka Peninsula.
    • Wells Fargo Family Farm: Themed around farm animals.
  • Awards: Received the AZA’s 2008 Significant Achievement Award for the Medtronic Minnesota Trail.


13000 Zoo Boulevard, Apple Valley, MN 55124



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